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A neurological injury – whether present at birth or acquired through trauma to the brain – can cause marked changes in a person’s cognitive, psychological, and behavioral functioning. Even a minor injury can cause damage to a person’s brain and produce functional impairment. Through NeuroResources, PLLC, neuropsychologists, psychometrists/technicians, and clinic coordinators provide neuropsychological evaluations that determine the degree of impairment caused by injuries to the brain, either from congenital or acquired causes.


Neuropsychologists are psychologists who specialize in studying brain-behavior relationships. They have extensive training in the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the nervous system. The clinic’s two neuropsychologists, along with a superior staff, understand the effects that different injuries or conditions may have on the function of the brain, and through comprehensive evaluations, are able to gain valuable insight into the nature and extent of such impairment. Armed with this information, patients and caregivers alike are better equipped to move forward in treatment programs specifically developed to help patients maximize their independence.



Neuropsychological evaluations completed at NeuroResources, PLLC, determine:

  • The cognitive strengths and weaknesses an individual possesses following a brain injury
  • The severity and pervasiveness of brain damage
  • The source of observed deficits (e.g., brain damage, psychiatric disturbance, or functional causes)
  • The person’s level of mental and legal competence
  • Reliable, quantitative information regarding the course of recovery from a brain injury
  • Evidence which helps make a correct diagnosis of an underlying neuropathological problem
  • Useful information and guidance for the patient, family members, caregivers, employers, or teachers

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