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Forensic Evaluations include:

  • General psychological examinations

  • Competency assessments and consultations

  • Workers’ Compensation evaluations

  • Employment and Return-to-Work examinations

  • Personal Injury assessments

  • Court-ordered evaluations

  • Diminished capacity

  • Not guilty by reason of insanity

  • Mitigating circumstances

  • Miscellaneous civil litigation


Upcoming topics for inclusion on this page:

  • General legal issues related to forensic evaluations

  • General testing procedures

  • Assessment of competency

  • Personal injury cases

  • Depositions

  • Expert consultation and/or testimony

  • Cost of services


The following is a link to a journal addressing brain injury in a legal setting. It may be of some interest:



For more information or for a copy of his vita/resume, William Ruwe, Psy.D., Ph.D., who has extensive experience in providing services of a forensic nature, may be contacted  at (405) 286-6000.


For a Summary of Dr. Ruwe's Qualifications, please contact our clinic coordinator, Ms. Debbie Winters, at



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